Colin Atkinson

  • Getting started with RISC-V in QEMU

    RISC-V is a shiny new instruction set that’s getting a lot of hype among computer nerds – and not just among internet randos. Western Digital, Alibaba, and MIT, among others, have been working on the platform. But what is it, and how can you play around with it today?

  • osxfuse is no longer open source

    FUSE for macOS (or, the kernel extension formerly known as osxfuse) is a project dating back to 2011. It in turn is based on even older projects, such as MacFUSE, the Linux FUSE module, and even some code open sourced by Apple.

  • How many alternate data streams can a file have?

    While I was attempting to write a horrific hack beautiful piece of code, I stumbled upon an undocumented feature of NTFS alternate data streams. Namely, that you can only associate so many of them with any given file.

  • Forks: A Solution to Your Existential Nightmare?

    Sometimes in life, things just don’t work the way you want them to. Your car’s battery dies in the dead of winter. Your cat knocks your coffee over onto your laptop. You accidentally fulfill a prophecy by killing your father and knocking up your mother.